Kamehachi has many options to make your next party a success. Sushi, appetizers, salads, noodles and entrees for delivery or served with your very own sushi chef (other event staff also available to serve, bartend and keep your party running smoothly). Choose from our catering menu, or customize your own menu and platters!
Interested in having a group dinner in our Old Town? Private or semi-private spaces, available to host your next gathering.

Sushi Chef Catering

Experience the exquisite art of sushi with our exclusive in-home or on-site sushi chef catering services tailored for your private parties! Indulge in a delightful array of sushi platters, savor our delectable catered lunches, or enjoy personalized bento boxes designed to perfection for your special events.



    BATSU! AT KAmeHachi

    In Japan, there is a style of comedy known as batsu game (罰ゲーム), where comedians compete in challenges of all kinds with the losers receiving a punishment. BATSU! brings this comedy style to America, with comedians competing to avoid electric shocks, paintballs, a giant egg-smashing chicken, and many more hilarious jaw-dropping punishments!

    BATSU! takes place in a beautiful lounge theatre within Kamehachi – Chicago’s original sushi bar since 1967 – in the heart of Old Town. Audience members enjoy sushi and sake, while the bravest may even sign up for a chance to participate to win free beer and prizes! (Food/drink not included in price of ticket; Never a minimum.)

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